Are a manager's survey responses included in their dashboard?


Sort of a wonky question, but we have heard this from a few leaders. 

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Hi Meaghan! Great question with a bit of a tricky answer. If a Manager is permissioned by Manager Hierarchy, they will only see their downline responses in their dashboard. Their responses would be rolled into their leader’s responses & dashboard. However, if access is permissioend by Attribute or Custom Access, it is possible that their own responses could be included in the data that they have been permissioned to see. If you have specific examples, it would be worth coordinating with a Company Admin to review how that individual’s access is configured. 

We would like to have manager’s responses included with their downline on their dashboard, as we have some smaller teams and this would be helpful to meet the minimum numerical data requirement. What settings and permission would we need to edit in order to make this happen?