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After every survey I pull all the possible reports available separately and merge them in to one powerpoint file (I pull the comments in to excel separately). Is there a way to do this automatically - seems strange not to have this as an option.




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@aisling.buckley I am sending your question to the right Glinster! 




I would suggest creating & saving a custom report that you can pull up after each cycle and export. 
1. start with one of the report templates (e.g. Executive Summary)
2. Scroll to the bottom, use the Add Section feature to add as many additional report sections to the bottom of your report 
3. From the top of  your report, select Export > Save As >  name your report & toggle on the Use Latest Data setting >  Click Save
4. The new report template will be saved under your Saved Reports listed under your Reports tab. You can open it following each cycle and export


Excellent - that looks like it worked for me - thank you!

An improvement suggestion if possible (an I’m not missing this functionality) would be to allow the adding of multiple sections at once and to be able to see somewhere on the screen what you have added rather than having to scroll through the info. It would also be able useful to re-arrange the order of the sections (rather than having to restart if you need to move things around).