360 Will not allow me to schedule the dates I want

  • 14 June 2022
  • 3 replies


Lately, when I attempt to create 360s, I notice I am prevented from selecting the dates I want. The error I get is “Rater Selection End Date, Cycle Close Date, and reminders must be after Cycle Start Date, with the delivery start time before the end time. Please verify selected dates and reminders.” even when I am meeting these criteria.



3 replies

@shahed_al I’ve created a ticket for our support team to reach out to you. You will hear from them shortly!


Hey I have a 360 survey initiated. I’m changing Business units. I will have different credentials and will not have access to my account any more after the 12th of this month. How do I end the survey and get the results by the 12th? I didn’t get a chance to set the duration before initiating the survey. It currently says it ends on the 18th. 

@aarika.g.hawkins This is definitely something that will help you with. I am starting a ticket for you right now.