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I would like to ask what happens if one of the raters category in 360 won’t meet the confidentiality threshold - would their answers be suppressed into All but self results, but detailed results for this category won’t be available? Also, their comments won’t be shown at all?

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If the minimum confidentiality threshold is not met for a rater category, the final 360 report omits the feedback (both scores and open ended feedback) for this rater category altogether. The feedback is not rolled up in the ‘All but self’ results.

If there is rater feedback in a category that does not meet the threshold, the Subject can either invite more raters (if available), or 360 Admins can move the raters into another rater category that does meet the threshold. Page 40 in this 360 administrator guide provides helpful instructions for how to move raters into other categories. 

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