360 feedback request initiation

  • 7 January 2022
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Dear all,

I wish to provide an option to initiate a standalone 360 feedback for some of my team members. With standalone I mean - it is not part of any existing bigger program for training. 

How can I facilitate that?



Ritu Rishi

3 replies

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Hi @ritu.rishi 

Happy New Year!

If you are a Glint admin, you can simply create a new program with just the subject and raters that you want to be included. If you are not an admin, you’ll need to reach out to your Glint admin to learn if this can be done for you.


Thanks a lot Judy for your prompt help. I will work with my HR Representative to initiate this 360 feedback.


Happy New Year!

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@ritu.rishi You are most welcome! Always feel free to reach out!