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  • 30 April 2021
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How do we edit the comments after it’s submitted for a 360 response for an individual please?  I submitted an incomplete response.

3 replies

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Hi @CPG - reach out to the team who administers Glint at your company. Admins have the ability to reset the feedback survey if needed. However this will be a reset, meaning will need to redo the full survey; there is no option to edit specific responses.

Hi there, how would an admin go about resetting the feedback survey? Is it possible to reset the survey for for just 1 rater rather than for all of a subject’s raters?


Thank you!

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Great question, @bernadette.meney - yes it is possible. To do so:

if the 360 cycle is NOT closed, 360 admin can reset a rater's feedback survey by following the steps below:

  1. Access the admin view for the 360 cycle
  2. In the overflow menu for the subject, select View/Edit Raters
  3. Select the overflow menu for the rater you would like to reset
  4. Select Reset Survey and confirm

After the reset, subjects/raters may use the link from their original invite or a reminder email to resubmit their feedback.