Sensitive Data - Can it Be Included in a Glint Program?

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Glint/LinkedIn is GDPR compliant and the base conditions of our Terms of Service prohibit the processing of employee information classified as sensitive. *Sensitive data refers to information of an extremely personal nature. Some examples of sensitive data are:

  • Race or ethnicity

  • Religion

  • Sexual orientation 

  • Gender identity

  • Political affiliation or opinion

  • Union membership

  • Nationality

  • Disability status

  • Veteran Status

  • Neurodiversity status

  • Any other classified information

Under the terms of our basic contract, you may not provide us with this data nor ask questions within surveys on these topics. However, if these attributes are already available as part of your HRIS file and you would like to include them in your reporting, you must first sign our Diversity Data Amendment (DDA). Reach out to your Glint business support contact for this document. 

Once the DDA has been signed and returned to Glint, we caution you to treat sensitive data attributes as highly confidential and only provide reporting access to users specifically trained and qualified to take action on reports generated from this sensitive data.

*Glint/LinkedIn does not permit the collection or transfer of the following sensitive data elements under any circumstances:

  • Genetic data

  • Biometric data

  • Health information

  • Financial information

  • Vaccination status

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