Glint Guided Experience (GGE)

  • 10 May 2021
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Glint Guided Experience (GGE)
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This article is informational and was updated on September 6, 2022.

If you are a Glint customer ready to launch a program using the Glint Guided Experience toolkit, start here

Identifying your employees’ strengths and opportunities has never been easier! 

The Glint Guided Experience (GGE) is a toolkit which allows customers to set up and launch multiple surveys and other Glint programs independently, with the knowledge that Glint’s technical support team is on standby behind the scenes. 

Each six-step GGE experience lives in Glint’s community platform, where customers have an all-access pass to: 

  • Each step in the journey. 

  • Resources explaining methodology and configuration. 

  • Guides for turning survey results into actionable focus areas. 

  • Tips for including conversations around survey results into daily routines. 

After registering for our Community platform and Glint’s People Academy (GPA), where your managers and admins will log on for easy system tutorials, we’ll ask you for some quick information so we can identify your admins and managers. Then you’ll jump right into the program of your choosing:

Glint Guided Experiences include Engagement and Lifecycle surveys, as well as 360 Feedback, Anytime Feedback, and Recognition programs.

The toolkit consists of topic-based guidance. Follow the lessons in the GPA to configure your program(s) and then come back to GPA for reminders or configuring a different program type.

Your program journey pace is up to you. We provide time estimates to complete each set of tasks; If we see that you’re a bit behind the schedule you’ve set for yourself, Glint will send a reminder email providing tips for support that are designed to set you back on your path. 

Once you’ve set up and launched your first program, sending out future programs will be effortless. You’ll have all the backend work in place so you’ll simply choose the program type, identify the employee group who will receive it, configure the program, and soon another set of actionable focus areas can be put to work for your business. 

Glint Guided Experiences are straightforward and uncomplicated. And if you need support, our team of experts are just an email away.


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