Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Surveys

  • 5 March 2020
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Glint Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) survey is a research-driven measurement based on academic and empirical research. True to all other Glint programs, it is short (13 core questions with 13 optional questions) yet impactful in covering the important elements of an integrated D&I strategy. All items are benchmarked using our proprietary hybrid methodology. You will also find curated action content for results.

Glint believes that ongoing, frequent feedback is crucial to an organization’s success. This type of survey strategy can often incorporate domains of D&I, voiding the need for a standalone D&I measurement. In this case, questions from Glint's DIBs survey can be added to an engagement or a culture survey.

The Glint DIBs survey can be used as a standalone measurement for companies that are on the journey to more agile feedback practices, and/or if a singular focus on DIBs is the preferred approach.

Glint used a rigorous research protocol to develop its DIBs survey:

  • Extensive literature review and customer research to develop a model.
  • D&I measurement framework adjusted based on our empirical research. 
  • Developed a list of approximately 50 test questions based on discussions in the D&I domain using customer data, customers input, and incorporating validated scales and questions used in published studies from our literature review.
  • Conducted a panel study with respondents in various demographic categories, large enough to analyze results and ensure a representative sample of the workforce.
  • Iterative analyses conducted to develop a beta version of our D&I program. Analyses included reviewing the relationships among questions and outcomes by various demographic groups including race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, tenure, and age.
  • A final list of questions curated to enable organizations to ferret out issues across a wide range of people with various backgrounds and experiences.

As is usually the case in the development of new programs, customer data will periodically be used to revalidate questions that are most highly related to desired outcomes, and these questions may be adjusted over time. In addition, benchmarks will be updated regularly.

DIBs questions are available as part of our question library when setting-up a new survey.  They can also be found here.


2 replies


Hi there.  Please advise whether the DIB survey questions have available standard action plans.  Thank you.

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Hi @patricia.ramzey, yes - the action planning content on our DIB survey was mapped to relevant action planning content for Glint standard content.