Lifecycle Survey Essentials

  • 11 May 2021
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Lifecycle Survey Essentials
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This guidance was verified on October 4, 2021.

If your organization uses Glint’s Employee Lifecycle surveys, use the resources below to guide you through the configuration and change management processes. Not all resources are lifecycle-specific but all are intended to boost the Glint survey experience.

Pushpin. Note: Most of the community resources below are accessible only to community members who are Glint customers. If you are a Glint client, be sure you are logged into the community in order to view them.  

Resources are grouped by role to provide easy access to relevant materials.

General resources 

For Managers

For Admins

The resources below will help administrators create and configure Employee Lifecycle programs in the Glint Platform.

Launching and rolling out results for an employee lifecycle program (Glint Guided Experience)

For All Glint Administrators:

Training for all Glint programs:



3 replies

When I click on the links under Lifecycle Survey Training, all I see are the generic 101-301 trainings and training for anytime feedback and recognition. Are there specific training tools/resources that Glint can provide for HRBPs on Lifecycle?

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Thanks for your question!  I’ve forwarded it to our trainers that will be able to answer your question.

We’ll be right on it!

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Hi @ainn,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Lifecycle-specific courses or modules at the moment. Any of the more generic modules around methodology, storytelling, etc can be used across multiple programs. However, the platform-related modules are currently geared towards Engagement and Feedback programs. 

From a HRBP perspective, you may want to look into cross-program intelligence (if enabled), as it allows you to gain a more holistic understanding of the employee journey.