Are engagement surverys morphing into something more?

  • 17 January 2024
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In the Glint Community posting to  “How do we design a pulsing strategy that incorporates engagement and topical content” the author said, It’s time to think beyond the traditional concept of “employee engagement” to a more holistic view of what it takes to help individuals and organizations thrive.” 
We’ve been doing engagement surveys the past 5 years along with culture surveys every 2 years and most recently a Work Experience Survey to determine employee satisfaction with the business responsive work model. We know we need to make adaptations to the full time/hybrid/remote model. I’m curious to learn of any research about new approaches to surveys that incorporate the items in this article as well as levels of engagement. We still believe Culture and Engagement should be separate surveys as they measure different things. Welcome a response, recommendations, and resources from both the People Scientists at Glint Viva and the community. thank you! 

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