FAQs - Glint's Transition to Microsoft Viva

  • 29 September 2022
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FAQs - Glint's Transition to Microsoft Viva
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It’s important that you have a complete understanding of the migration process of your current Glint programs to the Microsoft Viva platform. We will use this FAQ blog to keep you updated with all the details you will need for a successful transition. We’ll let you know of any updates in our monthly Release Notes.




Q:  As Glint customers, what additional value can we expect from this transition? 

A:  Because Viva is powered by Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, the new Viva + Glint experience will be a first-of-its kind employee engagement solution built alongside the productivity apps people use every day. We believe this will uniquely enable our customers to drive behavior change at scale, as managers and teams will have a seamless way to incorporate feedback and action-taking into the flow of work.

Q: As a Glint customer, when will I transition to Microsoft Viva? 

A: Customer transition from LinkedIn to Microsoft Viva will occur on or after July 1, 2023, when we are certain we can move customers with minimal to no disruption. There will be transition discussions with you months in advance to ensure an orderly transition. 

The closer we get, the clearer we will get on any actions needed, and we will communicate to ensure you are ready for a smooth transition. Until that time, your current support team will remain the same. We are deeply committed to a smooth transition for all customers as we bring Glint into Microsoft Viva.  


Q: Will the transition to Microsoft disrupt our Glint programming?

A: We are committed to ensuring minimal disruption for Glint customers leading up to and through the transition process. Existing customers can continue to use their Glint programs with the same high-quality services and support delivered by your current support team.    


Q: What if my organization does not use Microsoft as an IT solution? Can I continue to use Glint without additional Microsoft products? 

A:  Our goal is to give customers flexibility and choice in purchase options, and Glint will continue to be available for purchase on a standalone basis.  

We plan to continue to support customers who want to use Glint with non-Microsoft technologies; however, we believe bringing feedback, insights, and action-taking into the flow of work is the future of employee engagement. With millions of people relying on Microsoft 365 and Teams to get work done every day, we are confident that building Glint alongside these apps via Viva unlocks the most value for our customers.  


Q: Will Glint and Microsoft Viva integrate with other HR tools for things like performance management, employee feedback and analysis?  

Yes, Viva provides an open and extensible platform, and we remain committed to supporting customers who want to use other tools to manage different parts of the employee experience. 


Q: How will I receive support? 

Your account team will continue to deliver your current level of services and support through the term of your Glint contract. We will also continue to deliver resources to keep you informed of upcoming product releases, new knowledge base content, updates through the Glint Community site and recommended best practices from our People Science team.    


Q: I saw that Microsoft announced a product called Viva Pulse. How is that different from Glint?

A: The products are intentionally very different, but complementary. Learn more on this community page.


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