Webinar - Glint Standard HR Business Partner (HRBP) Training

  • 22 June 2020
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The following HR training dates are for the 2023 calendar year. Dates will be added as the year progresses.

Please Note: Attending the Standard Platform Training (Virtual) or completing the Platform Training course on the GPA site is a prerequisite to this session.

Audience: HR professionals


  • Brief review of key HR features (advanced filtering, goals report)

  • Best practices for empowering managers

  • Key resources

  • Q&A and discussion


This virtual webinar is geared towards HRBPs and will build on the foundational knowledge from the Platform training.

The webinar is highly recommended ahead of receiving Glint survey results for the first time, though you are more than welcome to join any time after your first survey. The focus will be on some HR-specific features within the platform as well as how to support leaders within your organization. The facilitator will allow plenty of time for questions and we encourage cross-organizational knowledge sharing and discussion.

Standard HR Training Sessions are open for registration to any Glint customer at no additional cost. They are 45 minutes in duration and are every 3 weeks. Timing alternates to accommodate customers around the globe. To register for a training please reference our training schedule above. 

Upcoming dates:

 Pushpin. Notes:

  • No customer data, including aggregated data, can be shared during trainings. Other companies will be on the line so use discretion before sharing sensitive information about your company. We recommend consulting your legal team, if necessary, before joining the call.  
  • Double-check the time zone for each session before registering to be sure you’re signing up for a time that suits your schedule.









Register Here
February 28     2 pm 11 am February 28
March 1 2 PM       March 1
March 8   3 pm 10 am   March 8
March 28     2 pm 11 am March 28
March 29 2 PM       March 29
April 13   3 pm 10 am   April 5
April 25     2 pm 11 am April 25
April 27 4 PM       April 26
May 11   5 pm 12 pm 9 am May 11
May 25 2 PM       May 25
June 7     2 pm 11 am June 7
June 8 2 PM       June 8
June 27   3 pm 10 am   June 27


*AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Time

*BST = British Summer Time

*EST = US Eastern Standard Time

*PST = US Pacific Standard Time 


Watch a recorded version of this session here.

6 replies


Could we have a recording version for the training?

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Hi @allie.ko,

We have actually never run this webinar before and are piloting it in August. If it’s successful, we’ll also make a recorded version available to access on-demand.

If you’re looking for additional resources before then, feel free to access our Glint People Academy by clicking on the Training link at the top of the page. Then, you can dive into our HRBP 101 course.



Hi, do you offer those live virtual trainings in other languages than English?

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Hi @christine.bourson,

No, we don’t currently offer these sessions in other languages, though we may do so in the future.

We do have our Platform Training available in multiple languages from the Glint People Academy. This article contains the link and instructions on how to access the other languages.



do you have dates planned for 2023?


Hi @hsr - I fixed the typo saying these were 2022 dates. These are happening in 2023. Thank you!