Reimagine Work with Your Peers: The Value of Networking at Events

  • 10 September 2020
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Reimagining a new world of work has posed many new challenges in our professional and personal lives––especially for those in HR who are being asked to lean into a very difficult situation and take charge to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their employees across the organization. 

Now more than ever, connecting with people-centric leaders like you can provide support and opportunities to share learnings, experiences, and ideas with one another.

At last year’s People Success Summit, Carrie Estrella, HR Program Manager at Kohler, presented on the value of finding an industry peer who faces the same challenges and obstacles as you. For Carrie, it was a like-minded program leader, Rachel, who she met at the 2018 Summit. Since meeting at the event, they have built a strong relationship where they regularly share ideas, best practices, and personal experiences as it relates to the people programs they manage, and they have become each other's sounding board when they encounter a gap in their own knowledge.

The Benefits of Finding a “Rachel”

There is tremendous value in confiding in like-minded professionals, as they provide unique experiences, support, and insight for you as your organization revamps and reimagines its people programs. These peers can be a confidant for you to discuss strategy, provide feedback, and share best practices. These relationships also allow you to hear about their experiences, failures, trends they are following, benchmarks you can use–– the opportunities are endless! 

Find Your “Rachel” in a Virtual Setting

Before the Event 

  • Register for events and webinars that relate to your industry or what you are interested in. You can search online for events, or on LinkedIn by searching a keyword and clicking the Events tab.

  • Set goals for yourself. What specific outcomes do you want to learn? Are you launching a new program soon? Who’s had a similar experience, and what can you learn from them? 

  • Review any pre-read materials. If the event organizers provide materials to review beforehand, use this as an opportunity to prepare questions as well as any potential insights you can share with others. This will help you engage with the materials and attendees who are learning alongside you. 

During the Event

  • Engage & ask questions. Use the tools available, whether it be a live Q&A or chat box feature, to spark up a conversation with a peer by actively participating in the event. Directly engaging with the speakers enables you to learn new insights and stand out to other peers. An attendee might have a similar question or experience as you and could reach out to discuss further. 

  • Observe what other people are asking. Were you curious about the same thing? Reach out to see if they want to brainstorm and collaborate further! Do you disagree with what they are asking? If so, how can you learn from that perspective? 

  • Set a meeting time before the end of the event. Keep the momentum going by setting up time to follow up with each other. This can be through email, phone call, video chat, or however you prefer to communicate.

After the Event 

  • Connect with speakers and attendees on LinkedIn. See what they post and engage with their content. What are they talking about? What are they interested in on LinkedIn? Are there learnings that you can share with them? 

  • Maintain your relationships. Check in with your peers and keep them updated on what you’re up to. Take the opportunity to springboard ideas off of each other, review each other's tips and tricks, and talk about what’s trending right now - such as: what employee engagement data is relevant in the new world of work? 

Inspired to find your own confidant like Carrie? Register for the People Success Summit and get ready to network!

Want more? Here are additional resources!  

Forums & Events

  • Join the People Success Forum. This is a LinkedIn Group that connects HR leaders to share best practices, advice, and moral support as we build the new world of work. 

  • Be active in the Glint community. You can ask and answer questions, learn about other experiences and takeaway key learnings from your peers. Pay attention to what people are asking, and what answers they are getting. Are there areas where you can contribute and share your own experiences? Lastly, explore the materials posted in the forum - you might just find the answer to your pressing question!  

  • Attend a webinar. Set goals for what you want to learn from the guest speakers and people-centric HR leaders. Coming up with questions beforehand to make the most of the event. 



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