How to filter comments by 'Favourability' ?

  • 15 September 2020
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I’m looking for guidance on tool functionality through which I can filter comments by overall favourability.  Request more clarity and steps to access this feature - ‘Filtering comments by favourability-  Favourable, Neutral & Unfavorable’

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Hi @smahajan25 - is this a feature you have seen or heard about somewhere?  If so, could you please point me to where?  My understanding is that Glint doesn’t support filtering only for comments by sentiment.  It does provide an overview of the top comments for each sentiment, but because sentiment is more meaningful in the aggregate than comment by comment, we only provide the option to filter for prescriptive or representative, not positive, negative and neutral.

Hi, Thanks for your quick response. I understand that comments are available by sentiments and can be filtered through the tool for review. However what we would like to review is comments for employees who have given neutral or low score for the questions in specific. The intent is to turn detractors to promoters with focused interventions which could be identified through review of comments for employees who have scored neutral & low on the questions. If this feature is not available in the tool, please let me know the process that needs to be followed to get extracts of comments by Neutral & Unfavorable category.

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Hi @smahajan25, you don’t have the ability to look at all comments by favorable, neutral, or unfavorable, however, you do have the ability to look at all comments for an individual question by favorable, neutral or unfavorable. For example, I can use the filters to look at any comment where an employee responded unfavorably to the Action Taking question from the survey. 

To do this, click the “Add Filters” at the top > Click “Question Responses” > Choose the question label for the question you want to analyze ex. “Action Taking” > Select Favorable, Neutral or Unfavorable > Click “Done”. This will now give you ALL comments for ANYONE that responded Unfavorable to the “Action Taking” item. Now, if you only want to look at the comments for the only one particular question, you will need to make one more adjustment to your filters. In the left box, click where it says “26/26 Questions” > Select “Show Subset” > Select the question you want to view in the drop-down box (you can then remove any additional questions or indices that show up in the box below) > Click “Done”


See screenshot below: