What is the difference between Viva + Glint and Viva Pulse?

  • 3 October 2022
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What is the difference between Viva + Glint and Viva Pulse?
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Q:  I saw that Microsoft announced Viva Pulse recentlly. What is the difference between Glint and Viva Pulse?

A: The products are intentionally very different, but complementary:

  • Viva + Glint - A robust, organizational-wide survey used to measure company-wide objectives, such as cultural change or a new strategic direction. The results are used to drive action throughout the organization while individuals managers and teams receive aggregated responses that apply to their strategic goals.
  • Viva Pulse - This platform allows managers and project leads to get feedback on topics specific to their team to better understand team needs and to support real-time action taking.
  Viva + Glint Viva Pulse
Initiators Championed by company leaders and facilitated by HR Managers and Project Leads
Frequency Often quarterly, biannually, or annually Whenever insights are needed, included in-between org-wide surveys. Recommended monthly.
Estimated survey creation time Less than 10 minutes Less than 3 minutes
Content Chosen by leaders and/or HR; often relates to company-wide initiatives Chosen or written by managers and project leads.
Access to results Leaders and HR; aggregated results to managers Results to manager or lead who initiated the survey. Results are confidential.
Administration Requires admin configuration and organizational alignment Self-serve
  • Glint Employee Lifecycle survey provides employee insight across the employee journey.
  • Organizational results can be compared to related external benchmarks.
Intended for the manager or project lead’s private insight to help them address their team needs and managerial growth


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