Glint in Microsoft Viva’s Customer Connection Program: Creating a People Success Organization

  • 12 January 2023
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Glint in Microsoft Viva’s Customer Connection Program: Creating a People Success Organization
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On January 12th, Microsoft Viva’s Customer Connection Program connected with our Glint People Science Team to discuss Creating a People Success Organization.

The PowerPoint presentation from the January 12th webinar is attached below as a PDF

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In our very active webinar chat, many customers requested the research behind today’s conversation. Glint Principal People Scientist Craig Ramsay is happy to share his research with you:

PDF for Employee Happiness and Success in the New World of Work attached below.

The following questions about Glint’s People Success Research and the Elements surfaced in today’s webinar chat. Craig Ramsay, Principal People Scientist answers them for you:

Q: I’d like to have a deeper understanding of the science and research behind this People Success concept, the six PS Elements, Critical Needs, etc. 

A: Research by Principal People Scientist, Craig Ramsay - Employee Happiness and Success in the New World of Work - is available in Glint's community for Glint customers. This report explains Glint’s approach to the study of employee experience and engagement in the modern work world, including citations, and the statistical treatments and analyses used to validate Glints PS Element model. 


Q:  Can you share more information about the 34 Critical Needs? How are they determined? How do they support or align to the six PS Elements? Where can I get more information on them? 

A: Every survey question in the Glint taxonomy has been mapped to one of the PS Elements. These 34 critical needs (see below) were identified based on those items that are the highest statistical key drivers of engagement and greatest predictors of voluntary attrition. A list of those items plus actions to improve will be made available at the end of January 2023 when we roll out deeper documentation for each Critical Need. 


Frontline worker resources available from Microsoft Viva:

  • Microsoft Viva for the hybrid workplace: Frontline workers  - Frontline workers want to do things like see their schedules and be able to check in and check out of their shifts easily, get organizational communications and conversations, track assigned tasks and more all in one place. With Viva Connections, you can provide your frontline workers with a single-entry point on multiple devices using the Viva Connections Dashboard. The Dashboard can provide quick access to a variety of tasks including tracking time, checking tasks, catching up on conversations, and seeing the latest news and videos from your organization.
  • Don’t Just Celebrate Your Frontline Workers - Empower Them - When the working world was split between those who can perform their jobs from home and those who cannot, our eyes were opened to the vital and heroic ways that frontline workers kept society moving, and at the same time, frontline work itself transformed to a degree never before seen. 
  • Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers - Read this deep dive into a segment of the workforce that never went home to work - the frontline.
  • A C-Suite Blueprint for Empowering Firstline Workers - People are at the heart of every organization’s success. Technology is an important
    tool, but it’s people who drive the decisions, innovations, and accomplishments that help businesses succeed. In ways large and small, they exceed customers’ expectations, encourage their coworkers, and find ways to make products and processes better. Learn from this white paper produced by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, that when organizations invest in Firstline Workers, everyone benefits - from the boardroom to the break room.

Read about the difference between Microsoft’s Viva Pulse and what Glint will bring to the Viva Suite -

We had lots of interest about the difference between Glint’s platform and Microsoft Pulse. In short:

  • Glint as part of Viva will be a robust, organizational-wide survey used to measure company-wide objectives, such as cultural change or a new strategic direction. The results are used to drive action throughout the organization while individuals managers and teams receive aggregated responses that apply to their strategic goals.
  • Viva Pulse currently allows managers and project leads to get feedback on topics specific to their team to better understand team needs and to support real-time action taking.

Stories from Microsoft Viva Customers - How They Have Created a People Success Organization 


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