Glint Customer Migration Webinar

  • 27 February 2023
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Glint Customer Migration Webinar
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Glint is joining Microsoft Viva in July 2023. Viva in an integrated employee experience platform that empowers people and teams to be their best. Within Microsoft Viva, you’ll find apps - all in one place - to bring these principles of business success to your organization:

  • Connection
  • Insight
  • Purpose
  • Growth

Our live webinars on February 21/22/23, featured the following presenters:

  • MJ Farrar, Glint Customer Advocate
  • Quentin Mackey, Group Product Manager, Microsoft
  • Scott Low, Glint Integration Manager, Microsoft, and
  • Kathryn Buckley, Glint Integration Manager, LinkedIn

The webinars covered the essential facts about Glint’s technical migration, timing, and the contracting process.

The recording is available to watch, rewatch, or share with your team leaders here.*

Also available (below) is the PDF version of the slide deck presented.* Included in this slide deck:

  • Glint transition principles
  • Migration timeline
  • Information on the physical migration
  • Your transition checklist
  • Transition expectations
  • Your next steps

Note that in order to open the slide deck attached below, you will need to download and save it, then open in another tab.

*This document and the contents of the video are classified as Microsoft Confidential and intended only for use by current Glint customers solely within their organizations.

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