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  • 19 February 2021
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The Glint Community is a public site. However, much of the content is only available for Glint customers. 

There are two ways to register and log in.

  1. Single Sign On (SSO) via your Glint account - This is the preferred method of login, as it will ensure a smooth transition between your Glint dashboard, the community site, and our Training site.  If you have a Glint account, you can log into the community through SSO either by:
    • clicking Login in the upper right corner of the community and choosing the “Log In with Glint” option, or
    • From your Glint dashboard, clicking the “?” in the upper right corner of the screen and choosing “Help & Community.”
  2. Username / Password - This is available so that customers who do not yet have access to their Glint account for any reason can still access community content.  To register using this approach, click Login in the upper right corner of the site, and choose “Create New Account.”  Customers’ accounts will be permissioned within one business day.  From then on, click Login when you visit and enter the username and password you chose during registration. 

If you are having any challenges, contact glint-community@linkedin.com

A note on email links: If you use a username/password to log into the Glint Community, log into the community site before clicking links in email communications from Glint. Otherwise the site will try to log you in through SSO.


A note on Glint Training: Glint People Academy, which houses Glint’s interactive training curricula, is only available via SSO. This means that if you use a username and password to log into the Glint community and click on the link to Training (at the top of the site) you will still be asked to log into Glint.

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